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FREIGHTLINER LOGISTICS SERVICES LIMITED prides itself with long standing experience and expertise in their respective area of specialization, who are always looking for innovations to meet and surpass the need of our clients. Freightliner Logistics Services Limited has built a good working relationship amongst its staff and board of directors premised on mutual understanding and respect. This has reflected in our unparallel achievement that kept our customer’s satisfied.    


Through our international network your cargo can be freight from any where on the globe through air  relying on our services partnership with major cargo airlines in the world whose network offered us the competitive cutting edge that is unbeatable in ensuring your cargoes are handled with the most deserved urgency and care. Freightliner logistics services limited helps its customers to focus their energy and resources on their business while we shoulder the responsibility of delivery their goods to and fro the most remote to the most civilized parts of the globe at a very reasonable cost that is unbeatable among competitors in the industry. We handle all sizes of cargo; from small package to consolidated load and machinery


At Freightliner logistics services limited, your ocean freights are handled to beat all shipment deadlines through our international tentacles that offer you shipment the seamless freight services that is peculiar to us and our esteemed clients; As a leading freight services company in Nigeria and representative in world leading economy we offer your ocean freight, full container load less than container load and project cargo a service guarantee with efficiency and reliability that is our standard and bond in delivering your shipping requirement. Whatever your shipment is we are equipped to satisfy your needs.


Freightliner logistics services limited through a well thought out partnership offers world class warehousing services that guarantee the safe storage of our clients goods. Our warehousing services offer an insurance cover that indemnifies our clients against transit loss, fire, theft, and burglary.


Freightliner logistics services limited offers its clients a wide range of distribution and haulage solution through our fleet of mini trucks and trailers to and fro anywhere in Nigeria and sub west Africa region. We deliver a risk free haulage solutions that is second to none in the industry.

At Freightliner logistics services limited we rely on modern technology to ensure your consignment is pick up at any location on the globe and deliver right to your door step. This service rely also on the strong back bone of our well crafted network of representatives in world major markets

Freightliner Logistics Services Limited operates a world class shop which offers sophisticated packing, crating, removal and relocation services to customers which involves Packing of furniture, personal effects, industrial products, office relocation etc. This is done with extreme care, professionalism and quality packing materials. With our professional touch we ensure that everything is handled to a pre- defined scope of work that meets the needs of our clients. We are specialized in packing, crating, removal and relocating of the most delicate goods while appreciating its value. Understanding critical timing and organizational challenges of packing, crating, removal and relocating our staff are train to take utmost care of every specialized need.

Freightliner Logistics Services Limited offer a world class platform that is technologically enhanced to enable you have a details seconds report about the position and situation of your consignment all over the world. At no additional cost we give you on the spot report of the progress and location of your cargo. Understanding that information and communication between all stakeholders are crucial and critical in successful logistics service that is why focus on the arrival of your products in time, style and safety manner while allowing you to concentrate on your business. Through our global partnership we are always striving to provide you the best possible service, oriented towards giving you the competitive edge needed in business.

Freightliner Logistics Services Limited offers you a seamless documentation process through its professional expertise in the following area guaranteeing you a very cost effective manner that save you from unnecessary waste of your valued fund.

Our documentation services include but not limited to the following:
Raising Form M on behalf of the importer
Management & Processing of PAAR
Duty Account Management
Temporary Import Applications
ASYCUDA Registration
Temporary Importation Services
Provision of Offshore Service Boats
Temporary Work Permit Services; etc.


Freightliner Logistics Services Limited orchestrates some of the most complex supply chains. Our Air and sea chartering services facilitate special chartering to ensure your cargo is delivered on time. Whether cargo is oversized, out-of-gauge or heavy lift, our dedicated team of professionals can handle it all. Our teams often ensure that utmost care is taken while servicing every client need. We do this through our strategic tie up's with local and international partners to establish efficient solutions.

At Freightliner Logistics Services Limited We initiate solutions for some of the most complex supply chains. Our expertise covers handling specialized international project movement by different modes- air, sea and land as well as handling oversized cargo, out-of-gauge and heavy lift cargo. Our global tie through our local and international partner team of dedicated people ensure that utmost care is taken while servicing every client need. We provide air and sea worthy heavy project packing services as per international standard as well as meeting customer’s requirement.

At Freightliner Logistics Services Limited we proffer solutions to your procurement needs ensuring that client’s standard and requirement are satisfied. We achieve this through our long international standing which offers all our clients quick procurement services and delivering to meet deadline set by the client. Our knowledge of the market put us ahead of your competitors this you can leverage on to guarantee effective and efficient pricing services. We procure as you requested.